For Nurses

Where does it come from?

- We hire foreign and local graduate nurses

- This will be a direct hospital hire. It is not a temporary or traveling agency work

- The visa will be a direct sponsorship from the hospitals 

- Guaranteed full-time jobs with full-time benefits

- The bi-weekly salary will be based on number of years of experience and will depend on the prevailing wage in that particular city the hospital is located

- This is a simplified process. All you need to take and pass is the NCLEX-RN exam

- Salary will come directly from the hospital and deposited to your bank account

- Nurses will also receive a minimum of paid 6 weeks training and orientation from the hospital, depending on the specialty and hospital.

- The per hour rate will be commensurated based on years of clinic and hospital experience.

- There is no recruitment fee to be paid by the applicant.

- Our company will not take a percentage from your salary

- We have a proven track record for over 22 years, with over 22 hospital clients recruiting with us